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POD Drill

  • Physical Therapy Students Participate in Emergency Preparedness and Response 
    Point of Dispensing (POD) Drill

     On February 2, the 3rd year DPT students participated in an Emergency Preparedness and Response Point of Dispensing (POD) Drill led by Dr. Larry Hogue, Assistant Dean of Professional Affairs, UMES School of Pharmacy.  The drill was conducted by UMES Pharmacy, Physical Therapy and Kinesiology students and Salisbury University Nursing students.  The students played both the role of patient and POD team member.  This interdisciplinary activity introduced the students to their role in public health as members of an emergency response team within a community.

      The POD Drill provided the physical therapy students with a unique perspective on public health and emergency response.  It also provided them the opportunity to interact with students from other health care programs.

    PT POD Drill PT POD Drill 2