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PT Students Attend Robotics Conference

  • April 2014

    Many of the 2nd year DPT students (Class 2015) attended the Robotics and Aquatics: Unique Exercise Options for Individuals with Spinal Cord Dysfunction Conference hosted by University of Maryland Rehabilitation and Orthopaedics Institute (formerly known as Kernan).  The conference was a continuing education workshop for practicing physical therapists. The students were exposed to the following equipment: LiteGait, Loco Mat, Anklebot Lower Extremity Robot, underwater treadmill, Re-Walk Exoskeleton, and the MIT Manus Upper Extremity Robot. 

    "This conference allowed us to see and experience all of the new technologies that are currently being utilized in contemporary rehabilitation. The devices could be used for a variety of different patients at various stages of their recovery. It gave us the opportunity to think outside the box for treatment options and ultimately utilize the most effective treatment options for our patients in the future." ~ Alex G.

    "Being able to see patients walk independently with a relatively normal gait by using the Re-Walk was impressive.  It gave me hope for a brighter future for patients with spinal cord dysfunction." ~ Kat J.

    "I thought it was interesting to see the use of games with the MIT Manus and Anklebot as a motivational tool to relearn simple tasks that we take for granted every day." ~ Alex T.