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Raymond L. Blakely, Ph.D., P.T.

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    Former Chair & Professor, Department of Physical Therapy


    Ph.D., Physical Therapy (Pathokinesiology/Biomechanics and Safety) (1977) New York University
    M.A., Physical Therapy (1972) New York University
    M.Ed., Educational Guidance & Counseling (1969) Xavier University
    Certificate of Physical Therapy (1966), D.T. Watson School of PT (University of Pittsburgh
    B.S., Zoology (1965) Ohio University


    Dr. Raymond L. Blakely, the former Program Chair, has 40 years of practice, 34 years of teaching experience and 27 years of administration.  He is active in professional organizations involving allied health and rural health.

    Courses Taught:

    PHYT 626 PT Procedures IV - Electrophysiological Procedures

    Selected Publications:


    Blakely, R.L. and Palmer, M.L. "Analysis of Rotation Accompanying Shoulder Flexion", Physical Therapy, 64:1214-1216, 1984.

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