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Musculoskeletal Ultrsound


    Real-time Ultrasound LabDuring the summer semester, the 2nd year DPT Students received hands-on experience with real-time musculoskeletal ultrasound as a component of PHYT 613 Medical Imaging for the Physical Therapist.

    The students perform lab activities involving the shoulder, forearm/hand/wrist, knee, and ankle/foot.  They learn how to correctly position and handle the ultrasound transducer, maximize the image, and identify and differentiate soft tissues on an ultrasound image.   Through critical thinking and hands-on application the students discuss and perform real-time ultrasonography using musculoskeletal clinical scenarios.

    "The real-time ultrasound laboratory was a very rewarding experience. The ability to collaborate with fellow classmates to understand diagnostic imaging has further improved my knowledge of human movement. The transition from classroom-based human anatomy to dissections in the cadaver lab to medical imaging has further aided me in developing into a successful future physical therapist. I am thankful this opportunity was included in my education prior to my entrance into the workplace."  K. Wong