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Summer GAPP Workshop 2015

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    Gross Anatomy Pre-matriculation Preparation Workshop

    The GAPP (Gross Anatomy Pre-Matriculation Preparation) Workshop, is a 14-day, summer matriculation workshop. Students are given opportunities to:  

    • Experience the principal methods by which gross anatomy is taught in most health professional curricula;

    • Study the anatomical structure and functions of the thorax, lower extremity, and brain through lecture, readings, dissection of a cadaver, and the utilization of models, skeletal materials, and videotapes.  Pre-dental students will have the option of studying the face, parotid and temporal regions of the skull instead of the thorax;

    • Learn and apply effective and productive study skills and learning methods.  A brief discussion of learning and teaching styles will be presented -- including discussion of study/learning resources, disarticulated skeletons, flash cards, coloring books, and how to use the textbook and atlases; and

    • Experience typical oral and written quizzes, as well as, practical examinations on the subject matter.

    GAPP participants comments:  

        "I learned that the skin of the face is actually innervated by a cranial nerve and not spinal nerve. Also, I'm really excited about the fall anatomy lab class!"
           "I now speak the language of Anatomy!"
           "I've learned 3 things while being here:  1) it's ok to be wrong; 2) I understand the anatomy of the spinal cord and its peripheral nerves so much more!; and 3) always remind yourself of the big picture!