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Return to Campus

  • January 21, 2021

    If you will be in-person, on-campus for the Spring semester, you should plan for the next round of COVID testing taking place on Sunday, 1/24 for students, and on Monday, 1/25 for faculty and staff. Please see the chart below for your assigned testing time:


    Results of your COVID test will be emailed to your @UMES email address by the end of the week next week (1/29/21). If you don't receive an email by Friday, please email for further information.  Please continue to follow all CDC protocols including social/physical distancing, wearing masks and frequent hand sanitizing. Thank you for doing your part to keep our Hawk Family safe!

    January 8, 2021

    Thank you UMES! Thank you for participating in our first COVID testing day of 2021.
    You'll see the results from our testing on Tuesday below. Please note that since we will have a different population on campus for Spring, we have started our count over for the new year.
    Please stay vigilant in physical/social distancing and wearing your mask correctly. Wash your hands frequently or use hand sanitizer.
    Watch for more information on additional testing days later this month.


    COVID-19 Testing

    Employees will be contacted if they have a positive test result.  If the COVID test result is negative, you will not be contacted. 
    Covid-19 test results from agencies other than UMES must be submitted by fax or email to Ms. Sharone Grant in the Charles Drew Health Center. (

    POST CLASS UPDATE: Even though classes are over, custodial and housekeeping crews will continue to clean common areas such as classrooms, offices, residential life buildings and public spaces based on protocols developed with CDC guidance. You should also take additional care to wipe down commonly used surfaces after use in your immediate working environments. It is recommended that you swab down all work or eating areas with EPA-registered disinfectant. This includes a private workspace or any shared-space location or equipment (e.g., computers, A/V and other electrical RTC-OP 08.01.20 equipment, copiers, desks and tables, chair arms, light switches, doorknobs, handles, etc.).

    Because COVID-19 is still a threat Building Cleaning and Disinfecting Enhanced cleaning protocols are in place on campus for high-risk/high-touch areas (e.g., door handles, light switches, handrails, interior doors, door push plates, common spaces, flat surfaces such as tables, elevator buttons). Increased cleaning will be performed in restrooms in common areas. Hand sanitizer dispensers are at entrance and exit points for buildings on campus, as well as near elevators.

    Please note that if an individual in a building tests positive for COVID-19, the entire building might not be shut down. Whenever possible, the immediate space(s) in which the positive person was in will be deep-cleaned based on CDC protocols and will be re-opened once sanitized.

    January 5, 2021

    As a reminder COVID testing will take place today in the Hytche Arena.  Please see the return to campus for 2021 message below to find the chart with your designated time. 

    December 17, 2020 

    Greetings Hawk Family –

    As the calendar closes on 2020, there is hope for a better 2021. The first COVID vaccines have been shipped all around the country and have been given to healthcare workers and nursing home residents. This is indeed a positive sign for the New Year!

    As we all plan to work remotely for the early part of next week, I wanted to share some reminders with you.


    The campus will re-open for the New Year on Monday, January 4. We plan to populate the campus in a phased-in fashion as we did over the summer. (See chart of “Important Dates.”)

    You will recall the USM mandated testing for anyone working, studying or living on campus. (If you plan to come to campus just once during the semester, you will need to be tested.)   Plan to visit Hytche during your designated time (see chart below) for a COVID test on January 5 and telework until a negative result is confirmed.

    ALL faculty, staff and students will be REQUIRED TO PROVIDE A NEGATIVE COVID test result from December 28 or later prior to returning to campus after the holidays. Submit your results by fax or email to Ms. Sharone Grant in the Charles Drew Health Suite. (

     10 AM - 11 AM  Aa - Bu
     11 AM - NOON Ca - Di
     NOON - 1 PM Do - Gr
     1 PM - 2 PM Gu - Ka
     2 PM - 3 PM Ke - Mi
     3 PM - 4 PM Mo - Pr
     4 PM - 5 PM  Pu - Sp
     5 PM - 6 PM Sr - Z

    The next round of testing will take place on January 24-25.  The full schedule will be emailed out after the first of the year.


    Please know our Return to Campus protocols are all still in place. This includes increased frequency of sanitizing and enhanced cleaning procedures overnight in areas known to have been used by a COVID positive community member. Division leaders are responsible for making sure each of their direct reports are completing the Qualtrics Symptom Check questions daily.


    Reminder that Maryland’s Governor has restricted all work-related travel for state employees and anyone leaving the state for personal reasons should self-quarantine for 10-14 days and seek a COVID test prior to coming back to work in-person.

    We will continue to watch communications from the Governor’s office and the positivity rates in our areas and if our plans need to change, we will notify you via email.


    Jan. 4    Phase I: Essential Workers Group I
    Jan. 5    TESTING FOR ALL
    Jan. 11    Phase II: Essential Workers Group II
    Jan. 18    Phase III: Remaining faculty & staff not approved for telework
    Jan. 20 - 24    Move in for new and returning students
    Jan. 24 - 25    Next round of testing
    Jan. 25    First day of classes Spring semester


    Essential Workers Group 1
    President, Cabinet, select Physical Plant staff, select Public Safety, Health Center Staff,  select IT staff, Researchers that have active work on campus and must be here, Farm & Extension Staff, select health professions students.

    Essential Workers Group 2
    Deans, Dept. Chairs, Admins, Athletics, HR, Academic Administrators, remaining researchers, Institutional Effectiveness, Sponsored Research team, other volunteer returners with negative test results.

    Let us continue to celebrate our wins from this past semester as we plan for a brighter spring.

    Wishing you safe and happy holidays,

    Heidi M. Anderson

    November 20, 2020 - Results from the last round of COVID-19 testing are posted below. 

    Cumulative COVID Results

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