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Guide to Becoming an RA


    Thank you for taking the time to learn more about one if the most rewarding positions on the campus of University of Maryland Eastern Shore. The Office of Residence Life seeks to provide and manage safe on campus housing coupled with opportunities for students to develop through personal enrichment programming and other enhancement experiences.

    The role of a Resident Assistant(RA) is a tremendous one; Resident Assistants or paraprofessionals as we like to call them serve as role models, community builders, educators, mediators, and peer counselors in addition to helping provide a safe and secure environment conducive to living and learning for our students.



    1. Must be a student of the University of Maryland Eastern Shore and have 12 credit hours prior to applying.
    2. Must have a 2.5 Grade point Average semester and cumulative.
    3. Have lived in a residence hall for at least a semester
    4. Have a strong desire to help others.
    5. Be teachable, innovative, dedicated and selfless.
    6. Are able to adapt to change and  are willing to learn.



    • Interest meeting will be held the months of February and October. Advertisement will be posted around campus.
    • Applications are due in March (to be considered for the Fall) and in November (to be considered for the Spring).
    • Interviews are conducted the in April and November.
    • There will be a programming series for interested candidates each semester. Advertisement will be posted around campus (this is not a requirement but is highly encouraged).


    After applicants submit their applications (full packet without any missing items) they will be called for an interview.  Interviews will be scheduled the first week of April and the first week of November.

    The first interview is conducted by a panel of paraprofessionals and Area Directors. The second interview (if invited) is a group interview, where candidates will be paired with other applicants and interviewed by an area director.

    After all interviews are conducted, the interview committee will then check qualified applicants grades for the semester (after grades are posted on PeopleSoft). Once grades are posted, applicants will be notified of their status regarding the position.

    All applications will remain on file for one academic year.



    Becoming a Resident Assistant as helped me grow and network more than I ever imaged. My co-workers and residents become more and more like a family every day. I must say that since I've been a Resident Assistant I have so much hawk pride and I enjoy being a student of this University.Leondro Pavon


    The Herman Franklin Paraprofessional program opens many doors to meet many interesting people that may inspire you. The program not only teaches you to be a leader but to have the confidence to pursue more than one dream. It builds a passion for thinking outside the box and to go further in life than expected. - Whitney Dyson


    The RA program has been a great experience! Sometimes it is hectic, but it always works out. This program has helped me to grow and step outside of the box. I have become more organized, learned to better manage my time, and be flexible to change. I have so many wonderful memories with coworkers/residence life and residents that I will never forget! Adrienne Newby


    The overall experience was very rewarding.  The most important reward I think I received were all the meaningful relationships that I built, not only with the residents, but also with my coworkers and my employers.  The experience has taught me to always be open-minded and to always be passionate about the things I care about and why not share that with others!!! - Tiffany Jones, Alumnae C/O 2007 Former RA and SD


    Below you will find the application process checklist, application (which you can type directly into from this site), and the reference form needed to complete your application.

    Once again Thank you for your interest in becoming a Resident Assistant, we believe that our program develops Resident Assistants into valuable leaders with great communication skills, interpersonal skills, crisis management and conflict mediation. One of the best rewards is that you make connections and friendship that last beyond your time here at UMES.

    I look forward to receiving your application. Best of Luck!


    Ms. Larita Hugee

    Program Coordinator

    University Terrace


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