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CEIED - Global Food and Nutritional Security

  • The CEIED is a virtual Center that leverages collective strengths across the 1890 universities to address global engagement and development goals. The Center will enhance the tripartite mission of the 1890 Land-grant System and hence, respond more efficiently to the complex challenges of global engagement and development. Expected outcomes include: 

    (1) Discovery and engagement in food and nutritional security strengthened through targeted programs addressing people-centered needs (farmers-consumers-communities), gaps and strength assessment (environment-focus nationally and regionally), food security best practices, 1890’s thematic expertise, watershed basin, agricultural policy, and international trade fostering U.S. competitiveness. 

    Funded Projects

    Promoting International and Local Collaboration to Optimize Sustainable and Autonomous Fish and Plant Farming to Improve Food Security
    University of Arkansas Pine Bluff/Kentucky State University/University of Miami
    PI:  Dr. Herbert E. Quintero; quinteroh@uapb.edu
    Award:  $96,000                                                                                                                

    Targeted Research and Extension Interventions for Enhanced Goat Production in Jamaica
    Langston University/Virginia State University
    PI:  Dr. Arthur Goetsch; arthur.goetsch@langston.edu
    Award:  $96,000                                                                                                                

    Trans-boundary Research & Extension of Black-Eyed Peas for Food and Nutritional
    Security Across the New World Diaspora: Benefiting African Americans and Afro-Colombians
    through 1890s Universities Exchanges with SENA and the National University in Colombia
    Tennessee State University/University of Arkansas Pine Bluff/Prairie View A&M University                            
    PI:  Dr. Matthew Blair; mblair@tnstate.edu
    Award:  $96,000                                                                

    Addressing Global Food Security Challenges through Partnerships and Local Community Engagement
    University of Maryland Eastern Shore/Virginia State University
    PI:  Dr. Caleb Nindo; cinindo@umes.edu
    Award:  $95,985

    Sustainable Intensification of Value-added Cowpea Production Innovations to Increase Incomes, Food and Nutritional Security in Crop-Livestock Farming Systems
    North Carolina A&T State University/Alabama A&M University
    PI:  Dr. Osei-Agyeman Yeboah; oyeboah@ncat.edu
    Award:  $95,962                

    An Integrated Approach to Strengthening Global Food Security and Nutrition for Health and Well-Being: A School Lunch Program Model
    Tuskegee University/ Delaware State University/Alabama A&M University/University of Maryland Eastern Shore
    PI:  Dr. Robert K. Zabawa; rzabawa@tuskegee.edu
    Award:  $96,000