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Nutrition and Health Program

  • The Nutrition and Health program is designed to help families with limited resources gain knowledge and skills in nutrition, meal planning, and food buying to insure adequate nutrition.

    The Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP)'s primary goal  is to improve diets of limited resource families, thus enabling them to enjoy better health, improved quality of life, and increased productivity. Dr. Zoumenou works with paraprofessionals to provide leadership to 1890 EFNEP youth and adult programs at University of Maryland Eastern Shore Cooperative Extension.

    1890 EFNEP Youth Program: “Be Healthy Be Happy”
    “Be Healthy Be Happy” is a goal-oriented afterschool and summer camp education program designed to challenge students ages 6 to 17 to improve their eating and fitness choices. This program focuses on the following components:

    •  Behavioral changes necessary for healthy lifestyle (healthy food choices and fitness);
    •  Initiation to healthy lifestyle and finance;
    •  Healthy lifestyle and entertainment.

    Since 2007 The 1890 EFNEP Youth Program “Be Healthy Be Happy” has provided skill building experiences and reached over 500 youth each summer.

    1890 EFNEP Adult Program
    The paraprofessionals hired to work on this program usually live in the communities where they work. They recruit families and receive referrals from neighborhood contacts and community agencies (such as Food Stamps and WIC).  Lessons are taught in groups or individualized sessions to increase understanding, awareness, and involvement of the families in behavioral changes necessary for healthy lifestyles (healthy food choices and fitness). EFNEP is delivered as a series of 10-12 or more lessons, often over several months, and reaches approximately 100 families per year.

    1890 EFNEP Adult Program and the Farmers' Market
    1890 EFNEP is more than just a program; it is people making a difference in the lives of others, especially of the underserved.  The 1890 EFNEP Adult Program, in partnership with the local area Farmer’s Market, utilizes a hands-on, learn-by-doing approach where the participants gain the practical skills necessary to make positive behavioral changes.  Participants receive vouchers for fresh food from WIC and are introduced to fresh food preparation for their families at the Farmers' Market.

    Bird Flu Pandemic Preparedness
    Bird Flu pandemic preparedness is necessary on Maryland’s Lower Eastern Shore, which is known for its wild bird populations. Dr. Zoumenou, in collaboration with the Small Farmer Coordinator, Berran Rogers, has developed a training to increase understanding, awareness, and involvement of families in Bird Flu pandemic preparedness. Over 300 participants have been reached through collaboration with the Red Cross, Faith Based Organizations, and the UMES Environmental Safety department.

    Research and Community Outreach
    Dr. Zoumenou also works in collaboration with the UMES Human Ecology department, Somerset Health Department, and the School of Public Health at UMD to develop research project and community outreach activities on obesity and type 2 diabetes.

    1890 EFNEP Program Request Form

    The Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP)'s primary goal  is to improve the diets of limited resource families, thus enabling them to enjoy better health, improved quality of life, and increased productivity. This Program Request Form will help EFNEP professionals identify the needs and determine the most suitable program for your audience.  Your request will be given prompt attention and a timely response. 

    Click the link below to download the Program Request Form. You can:

    For more information contact:

    Dr Virginie Zoumenou
    Assistant Professor/Extension Nutrition Specialist
    1890 EFNEP Coordinator
    Maryland Cooperative Extension
    University of Maryland Eastern Shore
    Room 2129, Richard A. Henson Center
    Princess Anne, Maryland, 21853
    Phone (410)-651-6212
    Fax (410)-651-6207