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Off-Site Farm Bus Tours

  • TOUR A

    Chesterfield Heirlooms

    A unique 12-acre market garden that specializes in growing and selling old-time, heirloom and gourmet vegetable varieties. For nearly five years, this farm business operated out of a small kitchen. Learn how they developed new marketing strategies to expand their customer base.

    Coops to Co-ops

    Coops to Co-ops farmers market is a place to gather and develop of all it offers access to fresh produce and local plant based products! Get inspired by their once-abandoned, repurposed chicken house structures, now a beautiful farmers market area, and family friendly space.

    TOUR B

    San Domingo Community

    Dating back before the Civil War, San Domingo, Maryland was once a bustling African-American farming community. Today, a small group of family descendants are working hard to preserve what little remains of the settlement. With this part of the tour, learn about its history, its culture, and its self-sufficient farming practices.

    Wood Duck Landing Farm

    Wood Duck Landing’s philosophy is simple – sustainable environments and clean practices produce the tastiest and healthiest vegetables! We envision creating a place where people can see how different farming practices can create drastically different results. Our hope is to educate the public on what they are eating and where their food is sourced from, and prove that we can grow quality, safe, and sustainable produce.

    **Due to limited seating on the bus, pre-registration is strongly encouraged to secure your space. Also, masks will be required except for medical reasons."  For more information, contact or call us at (410) 621-5450.