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Small Ruminant Production & Management

  • The UMES Small Ruminant Research and Extension Program is focused on the research and adoption of practices and technology that enhance the management of small ruminant farms on Delmarva. It also involves the development of educational programs about small ruminant husbandry for sheep and goat producers as well as youth and professional agriculturists (land-grant extension educators, subject matter experts at governmental agencies, and non-profit technical advisors). In addition, the extension program aims at establishing links between local production, marketing, and the utilization of meat and meat products from small ruminant species, recognizing that the demand for and utilization of lamb and chevon will promote the survival of the family farm and enhance food security in the region. Events that are conducive to the program goals include: planned conferences, workshops, and seminars focusing on the adoption of efficient forage utilization, preventive animal health, marketing, and strategies for the survival of small farmers/ranchers.