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Global Innovators

  • The Newsletter of the School of Business & Technology - Feb 2017

    Welcome Message from the Dean

    Business, Management and Accounting

    Engineering and Aviation Sciences

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    Mathematics and Computer Science


    PGA Golf Management Program

    Welcome Message from the Dean

    Ayodele Alade

    Welcome to the first issue of Global Innovators -- the newsletter of the School of Business and Technology (SBT) at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. We are extremely excited to present our first newsletter to our community. Our goal is to keep you informed of academic and engagement activities of our faculty and students in the SBT and the impacts we make in the region, nation and the world. Please visit this web site regularly as we constantly update our activities and impact stories. 

    The SBT programs provide unparalleled opportunities for the University of Maryland Eastern Shore to expand and grow to meet the needs of the State, region and the world. With cooperation from various business leaders and industry groups, the SBT is fortunate to have partners that are dedicated to the success of our School and the University. Because of the diversity of the SBT programs, we can attract students with varied interests ranging from business, applied computer science, golf management, hospitality, technology education and engineering while serving the community at large. 

    The SBT is committed to providing excellent education and professional skills through updated curricula across the Departments and has one of the highest numbers of graduates at UMES each year. The faculty members within the School are actively engaged in funded research and educational projects, many of which involve undergraduate and graduate students. The School strives to be known as the School of Choice for those seeking a high-quality values-based education in alignment with the School Motto of Producing Leaders with Values. 

    Best regards,

    Ayodele J. Alade, Ph.D. 
    Dean, School of Business and Technology 

    Department of Business, Management and Accounting

    Members of the UMES NABA Attend 41st Annual Eastern Region Student Conference
    From Sept 29 - Oct 01, 2016, members of the UMES NABA attended the 41st Annual Eastern Region Student Conference in Pittsburgh, PA. The theme of the conference is Millennials: Reshaping the Workforce.

    UMES Business Students Compete in Federal Reserve System Challenge
    UMES students, from left, (front) Naa Lamley Lamptey, Caitlin McDonald, Dania Brown, (back) Michael Cha, Dillion Simon and Dustin Nwakudo, took part in the 2015 Fed Challenge competition in Towson. Team UMES placed second among six competitors.

    UMES Marketing Major Attends Monetary Policy Conference

    Caitlin McDaniel, a marketing major at UMES, met Jeffrey Lacker, president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, at the Cato Institute’s 33rd annual monetary policy conference in Washington, D.C. Nov. 12. The conference agenda was to challenge policymakers and scholars to “rethink monetary policy after more than six years of unconventional central bank policy following the 2008 global financial crisis,” McDaniel said. McDaniel portrayed Lacker Oct. 30 as one of five team members at the 2015 Fed Challenge collegiate competition in Towson. UMES placed second among six competing universities.

    It's Been a Heckuva Spring for UMES Business Student Benjamin Webster
    It’s been a rewarding – or more accurately, an “awarding” – spring semester for UMES’s Benjamin P. Webster. During the 63rd annual Honors Convocation, the sophomore from Silver Spring was singled out by faculty as the top undergraduate in the School of Business & Technology over the past year. He also received the business, management and accounting department’s honor as its top student.

    UMES Business Faculty Recognized for Research Excellence
    Dr. Dinesh K. Sharma, professor in the university’s Department of Business, Management and Accounting, received the Distinguished Research Award of the Academy of Accounting and Financial Studies for his collaborative work on a predictive model for foreign exchange rates. The award was presented at the 2016 Allied Academies Conference at New Orleans. This work was published in the conference proceedings and also will be published in the Academy of Accounting and Financial Studies Journal. Dr. Sharma also received a best paper award in 2015 at the International Conference on Advances in Management & Decision Sciences at Gautam Buddha University (India).

    UMES Business Faculty Presents at the Expo 2015 in Milan, Italy
    Dr. Monisha Das, associate professor in UMES’ Department of Business, Management and Accounting, just returned from Expo 2015 Milano in Italy, where she made a presentation on “Sustainability in Energy and Food.” Her next stop was Towson University, where the College National Fed Challenge team she coaches was a finalist in a six-school competition.

    UMES Business Chair Attends the IMF-World Bank 2016 Spring Meetings

    Dr. Vichet Sum, Chair of the Department of Business, Management and Accounting (DBMA), attended the IMF - World Bank 2016 Spring Meetings in April, 2016 as part of the international engagement activities in the DBMA.

    Department of Engineering and Aviation Sciences

    Making “Structures” Smarter - Researcher earns UMES its first exclusive 
    patent in 20 years 
    Dr. Yuanwei Jin has come up with an invention that could head off energy pipeline ruptures like the one that caused gasoline prices to spike in September, and he’s been issued a patent for his unique idea. 

    The chairman of UMES’ engineering and aviation sciences department received word just before the fall semester started that his “smart structure” sensing device passed a lengthy and intense legal and engineering vetting process. 

    That makes Jin, a native of China, the first faculty member in two decades to be the primary recipient of a U.S. Patent assigned exclusively to the University of Maryland Eastern Shore.

    Click here to read more about this story

    Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management

    Marriott grant provides support for Hospitality and Tourism Management program
    The University of Maryland Eastern Shore’s Hospitality and Tourism Management program is the recipient of a $300,000 grant from The J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation. The money will be used at the Universities at Shady Grove in Rockville, Md., to install customized teaching technology, upgrade the program’s commercial kitchen, and provide support for internships and student participation in conferences. 

    “We are pleased to continue to support UMES’s Hospitality and Tourism Management program at the Universities at Shady Grove,” said Anne Gunsteens, Executive Director of The J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation. “We are committed to helping prepare the next generation of hospitality leaders and admire the program leadership’s dedication to student success.” UMES faculty member Ruth Lee O’Rourke, the Shady Grove program director, said “We’re very excited about what this gift will enable us to do – bring active learning to the next level.”

    Click here to read more about this story

    Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

    Undergraduate Research Project for LSAMP
    During the summer of 2016, Rakesh Joshi will study the Linear Sampling Method (LSM) in an effort to solve inverse problems for acoustic waves and for electromagnetic waves. One of the main objectives in the study of inverse problems is to determine the physical properties of an object detected by radar. Since inverse problems are Ill-Posed, finding solutions to them remains difficult. 

    The Linear Sampling Method is a qualitative method in which a linear integral equation is solved and the solution is used as an indicator function for the determination of the support of the scattering object. The advantage of the Linear Sampling Method over other qualitative methods is the fact that the Linear Sampling Method does not require the knowledge of certain information a priori. 

    Rakesh will study the Linear Sampling Method for solving a variety of electromagnetic scattering problems and he will learn how to extract the material properties of the scattering object from a knowledge of the far field pattern of the scattering wave. Rakesh will also study and implement benchmark numerical examples of the inversion scheme. Rakesh’s research will be funded by the Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP) program and Dr. Tiara D. Turner will be his research mentor. 

    Annual Service Learning Community Engagement Conference 
    Beginning in 2014, Dr. Candice Ridlon decided to try an innovative student-centered approach to teaching Elementary Statistics (Math 210) at UMES. In the redesigned course, two traditional exams were replaced with a semester-long service-learning project that required students to exhibit a true mastery of concepts by applying them in authentic situations outside of the classroom. Students worked in groups of up to five individuals to select a community organization. Then they collaborated with that organization to find an issue of importance to study or a question to answer using the statistical methods learned in Math 210. At the end of the semester, students reported their findings in a presentation to the class and their community organization. 

    Over the past 2 years, students have completed projects for Somerset County 4-H, McCready Hospital, the Princess Anne Police Dept. and the Volunteer Fire Dept., the UMES Athletic Dept. and the Provost’s Office, as well as assisting many local businesses (two nursing homes, Subway, Thompson Hospitality, Verona Pizza, drugstores, etc.) The service-learning project has been well-received by the community and successful in helping students understand and retain statistics content. 

    Dr. Ridlon shared the basics of redesigning a statistics course to include service-learning in a workshop at the Annual Service Learning Community Engagement Conference on April 2, 2016 in Baltimore, MD. This presentation won highest acclaim (straight “A+” reviews). Two student co-presenters (Senior Brianna Mack and recent graduate Moe Subritsky) assisted Dr. Ridlon by representing the student point of view, engaging in a lively discussion with the workshop audience. 

    Honor the Hard Work and Celebrate the Success of 2016 Graduates
    On May 20, 2016, the faculty and staff of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science host a reception to honor the hard work and celebrate the success of 2016 graduates at the EACMS Complex.

    UMES and IBM Enterprise Testing Course
    Seeing a dearth of undergraduate exposure to testing skills, IBM teamed with the University of Maryland Eastern Shores (UMES) to develop “Intro to Enterprise System Testing,” which was first offered spring 2011. The fall 2015 the class made available online for the first time to non-degree seeking participants. The course is aimed at both students and professionals, especially those early in a career or considering a career move, and offers the skills needed to succeed in the enterprise computing industry. 

    Enterprise testing refers to validation and verification of information technology solutions that underpin mission-critical finance, insurance, healthcare, public sector, commerce and utility business operations. “By the end of the class, students will be able to articulate why testing is vital to technology used in society today with specific emphasis on information technology. Students will learn fundamental principles and practices of testing that are widely applicable. Students will get an end-to-end view of leading, designing and executing test for all types of enterprise products and projects. 

    The course is being offered online so more people have an opportunity to take it. The goal is to give people a leg up on the necessary experience that can often take years to develop and help bring value to people in a competitive job market. People who have taken the course have gone on to work at places including Depository Trust Clearinghouse Corporation, Walmart, Fidelity Investments and IBM, among others. 

    “Whether your background is computer science, business, IT or computer engineering, you can benefit from learning more about enterprise computing and how to design and execute test plans. An understanding of code and information technology is highly recommended. A paper about this course from developing to teaching in class till online course was presented in the ECC (enterprise computing conference June, 2015 at Marist College, NY. 

    UMES, a z Systems Academic Initiative school, also offers “introduction to Enterprise Software.” For more information or to sign up for the class, visit the UMES online admission application system. 

    Department of Technology

    CTED Graduate Soars 
    When Charles Evans graduated Cum Laude with his BS degree in Technology Education in 2012, he didn’t know which school district would hire him or what his academic future would hold. Both questions were answered in resounding fashion. Carroll County hired Charles to teach Technology Education at East Middle School in Westminster. In the Fall of 2013, Mr. Evans was admitted into the Master’s degree program in Career and Technology Education, based in Baltimore where he has maintained a 4.0 GPA. 

    Charles Evan’s story though took a leap forward with his capstone research study worked on Fall 2015 through Spring 2016. Charles’s study An Investigation on the Causes that Affect Teacher Retention in Career and Technical Education investigated a problem that exists in all Maryland school districts. Schools spend a lot of time and money working with beginning teachers so they are successful and have long careers in the district. Unfortunately, too many career and technology teachers move or leave the profession in the first three years. Based on research, his study reviewed multiple potential reasons for teachers leaving the field. Charles final defense presentation was attended by educational leaders in Maryland who expressed the view that Mr. Evan’s research could have far-reaching impact in Maryland. Charles expects to graduate with his M.Ed. this coming December.

    Career and Technology Education Director Honored

    Dr. Thomas Loveland, Director of the Career and Technology Education graduate program in Baltimore was recently honored for his work on behalf of an international professional organization. The International Technology and Engineering Educator Association (ITEEA) awarded Dr. Loveland with the 2016 Presidential Citation, based on his work as the Local Planning Committee Chair for the 2016 ITEEA conference held in Washington, DC in March 2016. Dr. Loveland was busy at the conference, giving five separate speeches and maintaining contact with ten sub-committee chairs during the conference. All of this activity helped to promote the University of Maryland Eastern Shore and the School of Business and Technology. 

    CMTE Program Featured in International Journal 
    Dr. Tyler Love (Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Technology and Engineering Education) and Dr. Carlos Salgado (Associate Professor and Coordinator of Construction Management Technology) published an article in the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association’s (ITEEA) flagship journal. Their article titled, “Teaching Construction: A Design-Based Course Model“ highlights UMES’s construction management program and presents an innovative design-based method for teaching construction concepts.

    Dr. Ayodele Alade Delivers Keynote Address at ITEEA Conference 
    On March 2-4, 2016 UMES technology and engineering education students, faculty, and administrators participated in the 78th annual International Technology and Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA) Conference in Washington, D.C. Dr. Thomas Loveland (CTE Program Coordinator) was the chair of the conference planning committee. UMES sponsored the FTEE Spirit of Excellence Breakfast where Dr. Derrek Dunn (Chair of the Department of Technology) introduced Dr. Ayodele Alade (Dean of the School of Business and Technology) to deliver the keynote address. Dr. Alade presented on the current status of technology and engineering education in Maryland, and how UMES has played a pivotal role in advancing technological literacy across the state. 

    This conference was an invaluable experience for students to network with teachers, school system supervisors, and other university students. The highlight of the conference for students was the STEM Showcase where they received materials for successful lessons and activities. Students also enjoyed the Technology and Engineering Education Collegiate Association (TEECA) competitions and awards banquet. This encouraged them to start a TEECA chapter to compete next year. This was an inspiring event and helped showcase UMES on an international level.

    Faculty Conduct Research on Offshore Wind Energy 
    Drs. Joseph Arumala, Ibibia Dabipi, Kenny Fotouhi, Gurdeep Hura, and Aaron Rababaah received a grant from the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) and the Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC) to research offshore wind energy. Their research investigation, called Maryland Offshore Wind Energy Research (MOWER) 14-10, is focused on developing and implementing a comprehensive Intelligent Health Monitoring Software System (IHMSS) that will be used as a training and information gathering tool to provide a comprehensive status of the components of an offshore wind farm. They have developed a multi-stage process including: signal acquisition, pre-processing, model training, testing, defect pattern detection and results verification. This study targeted one single wind turbine, whereas, in real world deployments, there are several turbines in each farm. Therefore, it is of high interest that they pursue a simulation of at least one wind farm that contains 50-100 turbines and investigate how their proposed model can be scaled up to handle several turbines simultaneously, and how data can be collected, processed, and interfaced with final human consumer and integrated with the rest of the system components. Graduate Students Avinash Dudi, Veni Dasari, and Brian Miller assisted with this research. The findings from this project have been presented at several conferences and published in the Journal of Machinery Manufacturing and Automation (JMMA). 

    Sarmiento Receives 2016 CMAA National Chapter Scholarship 
    On Thursday May 19, 2016 the Construction Management Association of America (CMAA) National Capital Chapter awarded Bryan Sarmiento, a junior majoring in Construction Management Technology, with a $1,000.00 scholarship. He was awarded this honor at the CMAA annual chapter meeting in Alexandria, VA. Sarmiento is an active member of Sigma Lambda Chi, the international honor society in construction and he is currently the president of the UMES student chapter of Sigma Lambda Chi. He has led the chapter to new levels of service for the Construction Management Technology program and the community. Bryan is the first student in the history of the chapter to take the initiative to raise external funds that assist with chapter activities. 

    Engineering Technology Students Design Alternative Energy Solutions 
    Dr. Kenny Fotouhi (Professor of Electrical/Electronics Engineering Technology) and his students researched alternative power and energy solutions for their Spring 2016 senior design projects. The students utilized these power options to develop different electrical and mechanical systems. The hands-on student research projects included creating a wind turbine, solar powered motorized bicycle, and investigating various alternative power concepts such as the Peltier Effect on heating and cooling elements. This Department of Technology research focused on investigating and designing alternative power options that are more environmentally friendly, decrease our dependence on fossil fuel consumption, and reduce our carbon footprint.

    The PGA Golf Management Program

    UMES PGA Golf Management Program Competes in the 15th Annual Jones Cup

    Oh Awarded Second Caves Valley Golf Foundation Scholarship
    Josephina Oh of Severn, MD is the second recipient of a four-year scholarship from the Caves Valley Golf Club Foundation, which announced in 2014 plans to assist in-state students enrolled in UMES’ PGA Golf Management Program. Oh’s prep career as a golfer was at Archbishop Spaulding High School, where she was captain during her junior and senior years.

    “We are happy for and delighted to have Josephina as part of the program as the second Caves Valley Scholarship winner. Additionally, we can’t thank the Caves Valley Golf Club Foundation enough for the support they have shown to our program and we look forward to strengthening our bond with Caves Valley Golf Club”, said Internship Coordinator, Chris Prosser.

    UMES PGA Golf Management Students Attend the 2016 PGA Merchandise Show

    Twenty-six PGA Golf Management students from UMES made the trip to Orlando, FL to attend the 2016 PGA Merchandise Show. UMES PGA Golf Management student, Andrew Shirdon stated, “This trade show is a wonderful opportunity for the students to attain required internships and network with other PGA and industry professionals. The PGA of America also schedules a luncheon for the students where they get a chance to dine with the PGA of America Past Presidents. This gives the students a chance to discuss their future plans within the industry and also any concerns that they may have with some very influential people that can help get them started in a positive direction. The students learn a lot about the association and get a chance to hit the latest and greatest in golf equipment. As long as the PGA of America keeps scheduling the show, students will go”.