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Biochemistry Bachelor of Science

  • The Biochemistry (BCHM) Program is the newest undergraduate offering in the DNS. Its curriculum lies at the interface of biology and chemistry. The biochemistry program is tailored for students interested in pursuing advanced degrees in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, or the biomedical sciences. The 120 credits required for a biochemistry major include: 43 credits of general education courses, 49 credits of core courses, 18 credits of supportive courses, seven credits of program electives and three credits of free electives courses. General education and supportive course work round out the student experience. The biochemistry program is approved by the American Chemical Society.

    Students who wish to earn a B.S. can complete the biochemistry major and apply for admission to pharmacy school in their final undergraduate year. 

    Biochemistry Degrees

    Biochemistry, B.S

    Pre-Pharmacy Options

    The Department of Natural Science offers several options for students interested in completing PharmD degrees to become pharmacists. Depending on their career and personal aspirations, students may pursue one these paths to pharmacy school:

    Highly qualified students can complete 75 credits of the prepharmacy curriculum in as little as two years. The prepharmacy curriculum is not a degree, rather it is a collection of courses that constitutes the prerequisites of many pharmacy schools. Many pharmacy schools do not require students to possess an undergraduate degree as a perquisite. Students are encouraged to take the PCAT during the fall of their second year.

    For additional information on the Biochemistry program, please contact:

    Jennifer Hearne, Ph.D., Professor

    Department of Natural Sciences

    University of Maryland Eastern Shore

    Princess Anne, MD 21853