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AFRI-EWD-REEU - Activities/Workshops

  • Students will participate in:

    1)    weekly group meetings with the PI;

    2)    weekly individual meetings with the PI and graduate student mentor;

    3)    work within dedicated graduate student to student-trainee groups during spring semester and with a team of three students during summer         training;

    4)    a wide range of procedures, scientific reading about research topics, scientific literature searches, and an online writing center available on         demand for students;

    5)    a computer lab with specialty software needed for the project; and

    6)    monthly meetings with collaborators and the Department Chair.


    Workshops during the summer internship (will be open to all UMES students):                                                                                                       

    • Biostatistics workshops will be conducted by Dr. Ristvey at WyeREC and will include:

      1) Introduction to statistical terms and classification of variables,
      2) Introduction to hypothesis testing,
      3) Experimental design,
      4) Introduction to analysis of variance and assumptions of parametric analysis, and
      5) Regression and correlation.

    • Phytochemistry (Volkis, UMES)

    • Instrumental analysis (Volkis, UMES)
    • Horticulture (Ristvey, WyeREC)
    • Plant Physiology (Ristvey, WyeREC)
    • Soil Analysis (Ristvey, WyeREC)
    • Use of Weather Station (Ristvey, WyeREC)

    • Harvest Sampling (Ristvey, WyeREC)

    Other REEU activities:

    • Training will occur in three delivery modes: didactic instruction; individual training by the research mentors; and a hands-on field experience at WyeREC and at UMES labs.

    • Self-study and report submitting via the program website.

    • Active experiential group project in an interdisciplinary topic – research, reports, presentations at conferences, and presentations to farmers at WyeREC and during farms tours.

    • Help with the preparation of applications for graduate school and curricula vitae writing.

    Summer REEU -UMES Farm Ristvey