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    Jordan Brooks is a sophomore forensic chemistry major at Towson University. Following graduation, she plans to work in a crime lab while earning her master’s degree. She was recently accepted into the Beta Cohort of the Hill Lopes Scholars Program at Towson, where she desires to join more organizations.

    By fall 2021, Jordan plans to have experienced another internship with a crime lab (in D.C. or Baltimore) or some other STEM-based organization.

    “Participating in the program has actually helped me in my studies, as the instrumentation techniques and methods that we talked about using for our experiments were also covered in my analytical chemistry class fall 2020 semester,” said Jordan. “In my career [path], this program has also shown me that there are plenty of governmental agencies that are open to degrees that I didn't even think [of.] <<<

     Monica Elavarthi is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering at the University of Delaware. In fall 2021, she will be working toward her well-planned goal of graduating with a double minor (food science and business administration) to support her degree.

    “Participating in the program has helped me with the transition to online learning/work as this program was completely virtual,” said Monica. “This helped with the adjustment to a completely virtual fall 2020 semester. The extension portion of the program has helped me better my communication skills, which has helped me become better at networking.”   >>>
     Monica - REEU 2020 - web
     Itohan - REEU 2020 - web 

    Itohan Eromosele is a biology major at Towson University. She wishes to work as an EMT in the near future and is currently in the process of applying to various internship and scholarship opportunities to gain more research and clinical experience. On par to graduate fall 2021, she is planning to take the MCAT this year.

    She said, “Participating in the REEU program has helped me indefinitely and not just academically but also in my day-to-day life. Academically, it has provided me with immense research experience. As someone who farms, it has provided
    me with agricultural knowledge that helps me better understand my crops.”  <<<

    Ayanna Lynn is a student at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. Her major course of study is dietetics, and she carries the distinction of being both an Honors student as well as a scholar within the UMES Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation Program.

    Now in her senior year, she is applying to different dietetic residency programs. She plans earn a doctorate after her residency and wants to work with local communities as a part of Extension.

    For the 2020 REEU program, she was one of two team leaders. Her team was tasked with creating a power drink from Aronia. 

     Ayanna - REEU
    Destiny3 - REEU 2020 Destiny Parker is a sophomore majoring in biochemistry at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. She is an Honors student as well as a part of the UMES Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation Program.

    Destiny plays the piano and is a student athlete who runs track for UMES. Her plans are to go to graduate school to earn her doctorate when she graduates.

    For the 2020 REEU Program, she was the team leader for the group charged with gauging the determination of ripening as well as the optimal harvesting time for aronia depending on the application.

    Melanie Staszewski is an undergraduate student at Salisbury University. She is pursuing a Bachelor's degree in biological sciences. In fall 2021, she plans to begin the final academic year of her undergraduate career and to apply to graduate school.

    Said Melanie, “The AFRI REEU program at UMES provided me with deep insight into the science of agriculture - a field I had scarcely explored prior to the summer experience. Through my participation in the program, I have perused the microscale and macroscale components of agriculture, and [have] thus successfully grown as a student researcher interested in the natural sciences. >>>

    Melanie - REEU 2020 - web