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  • The Biochemistry (BCHEM) Program is the newest undergraduate offering in the department. Its curriculum lies at the intersection of biology and chemistry. Students in biochemistry are prepared to succeed in both research and applied careers. The program provides excellent preparation for students interested in pursuing advanced degrees in medicine, pharmacy, biochemistry or in chemical biology. The 120 credits required for a biochemistry major include 35 credits in chemistry and 16 credits in biology. Undergraduates research is required, and students elect 8 credits of upper division coursework aligned with their area of interest in consultation with their academic advisor. General education and supportive course work round out the student experience.


    The Department of Natural Science offers several options for students interested in completing PharmD degrees to become pharmacists. Depending on their career and personal aspirations, students may pursue any of three paths to Pharmacy school:

    1.   Highly qualified students can complete 73 credits of the pre-pharmacy curriculum in as little as 2 years if they are willing to take summer classes. The pre-pharmacy program requires 16 hours of chemistry; 12 hours of biology; 8 hours of human anatomy and physiology; 8 hours of physics; 7 hours of university mathematics; 22 hours of English; and general education courses in literature, the arts, and the social and behavioral sciences. Students who earn grades of C or higher in all courses and have satisfactory scores on the PCAT exam may enter pharmacy school without earning a B.S. degree.

    2.   Students who wish to earn a B.S. can pursue the biochemistry or biology pre-allied health programs and apply for admission to pharmacy school in their final undergraduate year. Successful students earn both a B.S. and a PharmD degree in 7 years.

    3.   A 3+3 program for highly qualified students is available. Students apply directly to the program and are guaranteed admission to the PharmD program at UMES upon satisfactory completion of their undergraduate course work and a satisfactory score on the PCAT. Students spend their first three years pursuing a B.S. in biochemistry (ACS approved). They then transition to the Pharmacy Program. In their final of 3 years in the Pharmacy Program, they take two pharmacy elective courses, which meet the requirements for an ACS-approved degree. Students who complete the program are awarded a B.S. in biochemistry and a PharmD simultaneously.