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  • Biology Brochure

    The Biology Program prepares students for entry into graduate and/or professional schools and productive careers in the biological sciences. It is designed to expose students to current trends in the discipline by teaching skills and techniques used to obtain, analyze and interpret scientific information in a nurturing environment. The student develops the ability to think independently and critically. The program also teaches students social, historical, and ethical issues related to biology through a challenging academic curriculum.

    Undergraduate students can earn a four-year Baccalaureate of Science degree in one of three tracts: biological sciences (non-teaching), teaching (NCATE certified), or Pre-medicine/Pre-dentistry/Honors.  Of the 120 semester credit hours required for graduation, 25 hours are program core, 20 hours are major electives, 31 hours are supportive, 42 hours are general education courses, and the remaining 2 hours are free electives.



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