Yan Waguespack, Ph.D.

  • Professor 
    Department of Natural Sciences 
    Email:  yywaguespack@umes.edu 
    Phone: 410-651-6052



    • Ph.D. in Chemistry, Tulane University
    • B.S. in Environmental and Chemical Engineering, Beijing Polytechnic University


    • Spectroscopic Analysis of Phytoplankton Pigments from the Maryland Coastal Bays.
    • Lethal and sub lethal responses of early life-stages of winter flounder (Pseudopleuronectes americanus) to habitat contamination in their natal estuaries.
    • Determine sub lethal physiological effects of heavy metal on ecologically key marine and aquatic organisms by using P NMR, AAS, and ICP-AES.
    • Heavy metal and polyaromatic  hydrocarbon investigations on sediment along coastal bays.
    • Phyto remediation of TNT, DNT, and other contaminants.
    • Spectroscopic studies of biological AOT reversed micelles, nanoparticles and novel organo gel system.
    • Investigation of the interaction of colloid particles with active anodic sites on stainless steel and titanium metal surfaces.
    • Experimental probes of exciton dynamics by using lasers and analysis of inorganic manganese (II) salts and Pt, Rh, Ir compounds.

    Professional Experience:

    • Professor (Tenured), University of Maryland Eastern Shore, June, 2007-present
    • Associate Professor (Tenured), University of Maryland Eastern Shore, August, 1993-June 2007
    • Assistant Professor (tenure track), University of Maryland Eastern Shore, August 1993-June 1998
    • Assistant Professor, Fairfield (Jesuit) University, Fairfield, Connecticut, August 1990-Agust 1993
    • Visiting Faculty Researcher and Research Associate, Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana, May-August 1992-1994, 1996-1997.
    • Teaching and Research Assistant, Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana, August, 1985-August 1990.


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    • “The Content of Carotenes, Ascorbic Acid and Tocopherols in Selected Seaweeds". A. Tkachenko, M. Mitra, J. Schwarz, Y. Waguespack, C. Brooks. International Journal on Algae. Volume 13, Issue 1, 2011. 

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    Course List:

    • Physical Chemistry I & II
    • Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
    • Bio-Inorganic Chemistry
    • Analytical Chemistry I & II
    • Instrumental Analysis
    • Principles of Chemistry I & II
    • Independent Study, Chemistry Undergraduate Research
    • MEES Seminar
    • MEES Master Thesis
    • MEES Ph.D Thesis
    • Method in Toxicology