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Kathryn Barrett-Gaines, Ph.D.

  • Position: Associate Professor
    Year Appointed: 2004

    Ph.D., African History– Stanford University
    M.A., African History – Stanford University
    M.A. – Cultural Anthropology – Duke University
    M.A. Africana Studies - University of Maryland Baltimore County
    B.A., American Studies – Fordham University

    Prior University Appointments
    Adelphi University - Visiting assistant professor of History and Education Studies
    Xavier University of Louisiana - Assistant professor of African History
    National University of Rwanda - Visiting consultant Center for Conflict Management
    Makerere University, Kampala Uganda - Visiting researcher Makerere Institute of Social Research;
    visiting instructor Department of History
    Stanford University - Graduate teaching assistant in Department of History

    Academic Expertise
    African social history, Ugandan social history, Ugandan popular music, Ugandan popular culture

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