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Social Studies Teacher Education

  • The Social Studies Education major must complete 129 semester hours of University courses.  Included in the 129 semester hours are a minimum of 34 hours of courses in professional development courses, 42 hours in social studies specialization courses, and 12 hours in the Teaching Internship.  Students must be admitted to into the Teacher Education Program which requires an overall grade point average of 2.75 and a passing score of the PRAXIS I test as set by the State of Maryland. 

    Required Major Courses

     ECON 201              EDCI 200                GEOG 201              HIST 101                POLI 200
     ECON 202 EDCI 2011  GEOG 202             HIST 102                SOCI 201
      EDCI 306          HIST 201                 SOCI 221
      EDCI 311   HIST 202 POLI300/400 Level
      EDCI 400        HIST 300/400          SOCI 222                
      EDCI 406      
      EDCI 409      
      EDCI 410      
      EDCI 425E      
      EDCI 480      
      EDSP 428      
      EDCI 490      
      PSYC 200      
      PSYC 3032 or      
      PSYC 3052      
      PSYC 307    

    1Course does not count toward graduation.
    2Student may select either PSYC 303 or PSYC 305.
    3 It is suggested that students take and pass Praxis II before taking this course to ensure a seamless transition.

    Click to see the Social Studies Teacher Education Curriculum Guide.