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Staff Directory J. Michael Harpe, Ph.D., Interim VP of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management
        Tel: 410-651-6687 or Olga M. Zavala, Executive Administrative Assistant
        Tel: 410-651-6687 or Andre Webb, Special Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs & Enrollment
         Management Tel: 410-651-7850 or Tina Cottman, Administrative Assistant
        Tel: 410-651-8440 or James M, White Jr., Ed.D., Associate VP for Student Affairs
         Tel: 410-651-8440 or Assistant VP for Enrollment Management
         Tel: 410-651-8440 Benita D. Rashaw, Ph.D., Dean of Students
        Tel: 410-651-8377 or Jinawa A. McNeil, Interim Director, Strategic Enrollment Management & Performance
         Tel: 410-651-6410 or Cecilia M. Rivera, M.S., Interim Director, Campus Life
         Tel: 410-651-6434 or Theresa Queenan, Ph.D., Director, Career Professional Development Center
         Tel: 410-651-6447 or Melanie L. Davenport, Melanie, Ph.D., Interim Director Counseling Services
         Tel: 410-651-6449 or Sharone Grant, RN., Director, Student Health Services
         Tel: 410-651-6597 or Marvin Jones, M.S., Director, Residence Life
         Tel: 410-651-6457 or Louise Gaile, M.S., Assistant Director, Student Conduct
         Tel: 410-651-6457 or Michael Hall, Director, Wellness Center
         Tel: 410-651-7665 or Clifton H. Harcum, Program Coordinator, University Engagement & Lifelong
         Learning Center Tel: 410 651-8143 or Monique A. Potter, Associate Director of Student Center
        Tel: 410-651-7727 or Dorling Joseph, Ph.D., Coordinator Service for Students with Disabilities
        Tel: 410-651-3446 or Michael A. Matos, Director of Intramural Sports
        Tel: 410-651-6624 or



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