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Welcome to the University of Maryland Eastern Shore! We are glad you have chosen to be apart of the HAWK family. You will find in addition to being a top notch academic community, the campus is incredibly diverse, offering many opportunities to learn about people and ways of life much different than your own. As Commuter Students, your challenge is to become a part of the HAWK family and seize opportunities to learn and grow with those around you. It is the aim and mission of Commuter Student Services  to provide programs and services that caters to commuter students to support and enhance the University of Maryland Eastern Shore experience. We will foster the development of Commuter Students by promoting campus engagement and facilitating a supportive environment for growth, and development. We will advocate on behalf of Commuter Students and strive to promote awareness and resolutions to the challenges, and issues facing our Commuter Students. The Commuter's Lounge is located on the second floor of the SSC. The room is equipped with tables, chairs and a flatscreen TV. The lounge is avaible daily until 11:00P.M. for relaxing or studying.

By valuing Commuter Students and their contributions to the University, our goals
ultimately encourages integration and retention. To help make your commuter
experience more exciting, we strive for the following:

  •  Provide programs and services that directly address the needs of commuters.
  •  Inform students of campus events, policies, and procedures.
  •  Encourage involvement in campus life beyond the classroom.
  •  Serve as an advocate for Commuter Student concerns.