Starting an Organization

Pick up the organization Starter Kit from the Office of Campus Life located on the second floor,
 Room 2104, Student Services Center. The Starter Kit includes:
  •  OSLA Check List
    • Organization Officer Membership Form
    • The advisor
    • Volunteer Community Service Forms
    • Event Management Guide “From A to Z”
    • Important Dates
    • King and Queen Forms
    • Sample Constitutions
    • Cancellation Forms
  • Submit a types letter of intent
  • Select two (2) advisors
  • Complete the following form(s):
    • Officers’ Form
    • Advisors’ Consent
    • Members’ Form(s)
  • Set up a meeting with the Office of Campus Life to review paperwork
  • Submit a constitution to be evaluated
  • A letter of confirmation will be sent by the Office of Campus Life
  • Attend all mandatory organizational meetings. (schedules will be posted)
  • No major activities will be permitted during your probationary period
  • Attend required leadership retreat