Sophomore Class of "2013"

Mission: Building a foundation for a brighter future

I. Preparing the Sophomore Class for success.

  • Attacking the idea of professionalism, and informing students the importance of secondary education.
  • Action Plan: Encourage "Professional Dress Mondays" by dressing in professional attire Monday's 8:00am until the ending of SGA meetings. Moreover, helping students with their GPA's by holding study sessions and informing them of the financial and education empowerment you can gain from this University.
II. Student involvement/ School Sprit
  • Promoting "Hawk Pride Campus Wide".
  • Action Plan: As class representatives we will encourage our students to "BLEED MAROON AND GREY" on Thursdays to show their HAWK PRIDE by wearing the school colors. Also on Thursday’s will be the "Sophomore Class '13 Thursdays". On projected dates we will be hosting events targeting the Sophomore Class to be more excited and school involved.

III. Community Service

  • To give back to the community that surrounds our campus.
  • Action Plan: To expand our leadership skills by lending out a helping hand to Somerset County  via Soup kitchens, awareness of Alcohol and Sex Abuse session etc.

IV. Liaison between the students and staff

  • To continue building that bridge to incorporate ideas that satisfies both our peers and university staff.
  • Action Plan: Hold surveys to get an understanding of their needs and concerns, also have class meetings and open forums to give them a chance to speak up and lets us know exactly what they want from their student leaders.




Sophomore Class President
Brittany Lewis-Fooks








Sophomore Class Vice-President
Michel’le White




Mr. Sophomore
Paul Cornelius Jerry



Sophomore Class Secretary
Talaya Bunyan










Sophomore Class Senator
Lauren Poindexter



Miss Sophomore
Taylor Hawkins