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    Ph.D. - Curriculum and Instruction, Virginia Tech, 2015
    MAEd - Curriculum and Instruction, Virginia Tech, 2012
    B.S. - Technology Education, University of Maryland Eastern Shore, 2009

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    In July of 2015 Tyler S. Love, Ph.D. was welcomed back to his alma mater to coordinate the Technology and Engineering (T&E) education program from which he graduated. He was also appointed as an Associate Member of the Graduate Faculty. Dr. Love received his doctorate in curriculum and instruction, with a concentration in Integrative STEM Education from Virginia Tech.  Additionally, he earned a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction, and graduate certificates in Integrative STEM Education and Higher Education Administration from Virginia Tech.  His bachelor’s degree is in technology education from UMES where he graduated Summa Cum Laude. During his studies at UMES, Dr. Love was a member of the Honors Program and the Hawks baseball team. Upon graduating from UMES, he taught technology education in Maryland for Queen Anne’s and Howard County Public School Systems, and also served as the Vice President of Student Affairs for TEEAM. 

    In addition to his academic achievements Dr. Love was recognized with numerous accolades for his performance as a student-athlete at UMES.  He served on the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) and was named to the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC) Commissioner’s All-Academic Team from 2007-2009.  The UMES athletic department awarded him with their 2008 male scholar athlete of the year, and the 2009 male student-athlete sportsmanship awards.  Most notably, in 2009 he was named as one of only 30 national finalists for the prestigious NCAA Senior CLASS award which recognizes Division 1 student-athletes for their classroom and athletic performance, community involvement, and character. 

    The National Science Foundation featured Dr. Love in their 2012 book highlighting rising underrepresented minority scholars pursuing STEM degrees. He received the Technology and Engineering Educators Association of Maryland's (TEEAM) Donald Maley undergraduate and graduate scholarships, and was awarded the 2009 International Technology and Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA) undergraduate Foundation for Technology Education scholarship. In 2013 Dr. Love was one of six U.S. doctoral students selected to present at the Pupil’s Attitude Toward Technology (PATT) conference in New Zealand. The following year he was awarded honorable mention and named one of only three finalists among the 4,600 graduate students at Virginia Tech for the University’s most prestigious honor – Graduate Student of the Year.  Furthermore he was one of six individuals selected for the 2014 ITEEA 21st Century Leadership Academy cohort. Dr. Love and Dr. Thomas Loveland of UMES received the 2015 Silvius Wolansky Outstanding Publication Award from ITEEA's Council on Technology and Engineering Teacher Education for an article they co-authored in the Journal of Technology Education. Moreover, in 2014 Dr. Love was awarded the Dr. Nevin Andre Award for Outstanding Journal Article from the Technology and Engineering Education Association of Pennsylvania (TEEAP), and in 2015 Iota Lambda Sigma recognized him as their Scholar of the Year. That spring Dr. Love was invited to deliver the keynote address at UMES's 2015 Honors Convocation, after which he received UMES's Ductus Exemplo "Leadership by Example" Distinguished Alumnus honor. In 2017 he received TEEAM's Leadership award. Also in 2017, Dr. Love and Mr. Larry Ryan (retired T&E teacher from nearby Stephen Decatur High School) received ITEEA's award for the Top Peer Reviewed Article written by a University/Classroom Teacher Team.

    Dr. Love has published numerous items and presented at a variety of state, national, and international STEM education conferences regarding laboratory safety and teacher preparation. In 2014 ITEEA published a book he co-authored with Dr. Ken Roy (chief safety compliance officer for NSTA) which was supplemented with an interactive website he designed to help teach students about safer practices in P-16 STEM laboratories. NSTA recommended this book as a resource that, "every department office or lab/shop space should have to use as a handy reference." Drs. Roy and Love co-authored their second book, Safer Makerspaces, Fab Labs, and STEM Labs: A Collaborative Guide!, in 2017. This one of kind book received excellent reviews and was described as "THE book on makerspaces" by Dr. Robert Caret (Chancellor of the University System of Maryland). Dr. Love was one of the first scholars to publish about the benefits of following legal rulings from both science and T&E education laboratory accidents to promote safer STEM learning environments. The most significant impact of Dr. Love’s efforts were the collaborations established between NSTA and ITEEA as a result of his work with Dr. Roy. In 2016 Dr. Love was granted a three year appointment on the NSTA Safety Advisory Board and was named the first editor of ITEEA's Safety Spotlight articles in The Technology and Engineering Teacher.

    Courses Taught:
    EDTE 100
    : First Year Experience Seminar, EDTE 121: Principles of T&E Education, EDTE 122: Intro to Design in T&E Education,EDTE 232: Information and Communication Technologies, EDTE 242: Construction and Manufacturing Technologies, EDTE 252: Power, Energy, and Transportation Technologies, EDTE 351: Construction Technologies, EDTE 367: Instructional Design and Curriculum Development in T&E Education, EDTE 410: Foundations of Technology, EDTE 481: Facilities and Organizational Management, EDTE 482: Core Technologies I, EDCI 425D: Curriculum and Instructional Methods in T&E Education, EDCI 460D & 470D: Teaching Internship, EDTE 499: Research and Experience in T&E Education, and CTED 620: Special Problems in CTE.

    Select Publications:

    Roy, K. R., & Love, T. S. (2017). Safer makerspaces, fab labs, and STEM labs: A collaborative guide!Vernon, CT: National Safety Consultants, LLC. ISBN-13: 978-0-692-92408-2

    DeLuca, V. W., & Haynie, W. J. (2014). Designing safer learning environments for integrative STEM education (4th ed., revised by T. S. Love & K. R. Roy). Reston, VA: ITEEA.

    Select Refereed Articles and Proceedings:
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    Love, T. S. (2017, July). Tools and materials in primary education: Examining differences
    among male and female teachers’ safety self-efficacy. Proceedings of the 33rd Pupil's Attitude Toward Technology Conference, Philadelphia, PA. Retrieved from here. 

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