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HBGI Activites

  • Strengthening Qualified Graduate Programs/Research Capability 

    Activity Director: Dr. Lakeisha Harris

         Updating and Advancing the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program

        Activity Director: Dr. Michael Rabel


     Strengthening the Food Science and Technology Program

        Activity Director: Dr. Caleb Nindo


     Strengthening the Marine-Estuarine-Environmental Sciences (MEES) and Toxicology Doctoral Programs

        Activity Director: Dr. Ali Ishaque

    Strengthening the Cybersecurity Engineering Technology Master’s Degree Program

    Activity Director:  Dr. Derrek Dunn

    Enhancing Pharmaceutical Sciences Graduate Program

    Activity Director:  Dr. Victor Hsia


                                                                                                                             Planning the Design and Re-establishment

                                                                                                                         of the Physician Assistant Master's Program

                                                                                                                                  Activity Director:  Dr. Tiffany Maxwell