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SAFRA Activities

  • Enhancing A Center for International Education (CIE)

     Activity Director: Dr. Lombuso Khoza 


    Advancing STEM Honors Education:  Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders Today   

    Activity Director: Dr. Michael Lane  


    Enhancing UMES Foreign Language Instructional Center (FLIC) Capabilities 

    Activity Director:   Mr. Broussard, Philip  


    Strengthening Microsoft Center For Student Technology Competency, Digital Literacy,  

    and Professional Skills Certification     

    Activity Director: Dr. Ayodele J. Alade  


    Increasing the Quality of Online and Hybrid Courses

    Activity Director: Mrs. Catherine H. Passeri

    Strengthening the Child Development Program

    Activity Director: Dr. Grace Namwamba

    Strengthening a 4 Year Engineering Program 

    Activity Director: Dr. Yuanwei Jin