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  • Sexual Misconduct


    Obtaining Information, Support and Assistance, Filing a Complaint
    If you are a victim of sexual violence, there are a number of ways to report the incident as well as a wide array of services available to obtain the information, support and assistance you need to ensure your health and safety, both emotional and physical. This webpage provides some of that information, although it is by no means comprehensive.

    There is more extensive information about all aspects of sexual violence, and a more extensive discussion of available resources, in the University's Sexual Misconduct Policy.

    In addition, you can obtain more information about resources and reporting from the Title IX Coordinator (by telephone, at (410) 651-7848; by email at; or in person in the Office of Human Resources on the first floor of Bird Hall).

     Reporting the Incident You are strongly encouraged to report sexual violence to the police.

    Report sexual violence to the police by calling on of the numbers at right. You may also report, in person, to any police officer. 

    Your decision to report to police will not affect your ability to file a complaint through the University's procedures (see below), which are independent of the criminal process. Seeking Emergency Medical Attention You are encouraged to seek immediate medical attention.

    You can receive health care (such as medications to prevent infections) at any facility. Timely Medical evaluation may also be crucial to obtain evidence in criminal or civil procedures. 

    Peninsula Regional Medical Center is the only facility with nurses who are specially trained to collect evidence for victims of sexual assault, and this evidence collection must occur within 72 hours of the assault. The care you receive after sexual assault is as confidential as any other health care and will not be reported to the police or the University unless you want it reported. Non-emergency care may be received through the Charles Drew Infirmary. Seeking Confidential Crisis Counseling Need advice?

    Call a counselor or the Life Crisis Center for confidential advice, support and information in the immediate aftermath of sexual violence.