M.S. Cybersecurity

  • The following courses are part of your degree program for the online graduate degree program in Cybersecurity Engineering Technology.

    ETCS 600 Statistical Applications for Technology
    ETCS 606 Applied Research for Technology
    ETCS 620 Project Management for Technology
    ETCS 687 Legal and Ethical Issues in Cyber-security
    ETCS 678 Mobile Wireless Networking and Security
    ETCS 680 Networking Technology for Industry
    ETCS 681 System Integrity for Cyber-security
    ETCS 682 Cyber-security Administration
    ETCS 683 Network Intrusion, Detection and Incidence Response
    ETCS 685 Fundamentals of Network Security
    ETCS 686 Advanced Network Security
    ETCS 690 Master’s Seminar