Ready for Online Learning

  • Taking an online course is much different than attending a face-to-face class. Below is a list of frequently asked questions for students who are interested in taking an online course or degree program. If you answer No to more than one of these questions, you may want to reconsidering enrolling in an online course or degree.

    1. Do you have reliable access to a computer and high-speed internet?
    2. Do you enjoy writing and participating in text-based discussions?
    3. Do you use email and browse the internet frequently?
    4. Do you enjoy reading course materials in a variety of formats? (i.e. webpages, powerpoints, pdfs)
    5. Does your schedule make it difficult to attend on-campus courses?
    6. Do you like to plan ahead and finish course assignments in advance?
    7. Do you enjoy problem solving and learning new computer software?
    8. Do you have excellent time management skills?