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Program Objectives

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    Students participating in the program will perform craft and research activities, field trips, and participate in seminars that will expose the students to careers, academic programs, and personnel in the transportation industry. Each student will:

    • Explore safety, innovative trends, and career opportunities that exist in transportation systems;
    • Become knowledgeable of the federal, state, and local governing agencies of the transportation modes;
    • Develop understanding of importance of positive attitudes about learning math and science and the opportunities for advance studies;
    • Exposure to college campus and opportunity to meet faculty members and college students that are involved in academic programs that lead to transportation careers;
    • Development of computer, professional, and communication skills needed for successful study.


    The Institute was designed to:

    • Impact middle and high school students
    • Improve oral and written communication skills
    • Improve critical thinking
    • Introduce intermodal transportation systems
    • Encourage collaboration by working in teams on projects

    The participants used prepared Questionnaires to evaluate the effectiveness of the Institute s activities weekly. The overall outcome of the evaluations was that these objectives were met.