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Summer Program

  • Goals

    The goal of Upward Bound is to help you realize your academic potential.  Ultimately, its purpose is to have all participants enter and succeed in some form of post-secondary education.  This can be a four or two year college or a technical school.
    In order to achieve these long-range goals, we expect you to set personal goals with serious preparation while in high school for entering college.  This means taking college preparatory level classes whenever possible and succeeding in them.  Upward Bound also offers participants a range of extracurricular activities and cultural experiences which will enrich your lives and lay the basis for a wide range of interesting activities in adult life.

    Who Can Become Participants?

    If you are a student in grades 9-11 in any of the five high schools of Somerset and Wicomico you are eligible to apply.  At least 2/3 of the enrollees must qualify as low-income students and 1/3 may be accepted regardless of income if neither parent has graduated from a four-year college ("first generation college criteria").
    In order to participate in the summer program, you must have completed ninth grade.  In the academic year component, however, ninth graders are accepted. 
    Upward Bound encourages referrals from teachers, parents, clergy, community persons, social service agencies and other students.

    What We Expect From Students

    In order to benefit from the extraordinary offerings of the program, as a participant you are expected to:

                        (a) Participate actively during the time you are in high school;

                       (b) Attend all Saturday and weekly after-school tutoring sessions;

                       (c) Attend the summer session;

                       (d) Meet the following minimum academic requirements in high school:

                                           (i)     four years of mathematics to include at least two years of algebra and one of geometry.

                                           (ii)     Two years of a foreign language.

                                           (iii)    Four years of a science, to include chemistry and/or physics.

                                                    All classes should be academic level and not general level classes if at all possible.

                       (e) Daily home study of at least two hours per school day;

                       (f) Willingness to help other students with schoolwork if able;

                       (g) Set academic goals and work seriously toward achieving them  

    What We Expect From Parents/Guardians

                    Successful education is accomplished with the strong support of families.  To this end parents/guardians are expected to understand the goals of the program and support them by:


                       1.  Helping arrange study time each evening free of distractions, e.g., television, phone calls, etc.
                       2.  Acknowledging achievement shown by grades on report cards, extra curricular activities, etc.
                       3.  Participating as actively as possible in school activities, e.g. sports, theater productions, band, PTA, etc.
                       4.  Staying in contact with Upward Bound staff to let us know how we can support and encourage academic improvement.
                       5.      Active participation in the Upward Bound Parent's Association.     

    Student Files

                Your student file must contain certain material.  No stipend or paycheck can be released until all required forms are submitted.


    Tutor-Counselors (College students) are hired by Upward Bound to serve as role models and to help as tutors.  They also serve to help supervise residence living and as instructors in some club activities such as art, music, computers, etc.
    Teachers - Upward Bound employs outstanding teachers from local school systems.

    The Summer Program

    During the summer component, Upward Bound students are exposed to both the academic and non-academic aspects of college life. Students must attend classes that are similar to those offered at their high schools. Emphasis is placed on improving English, Foreign Language, mathematics, and science. Students are scheduled for a full day of academic activities Monday through Friday. Classes are designed to enhance learning in high school, to increase knowledge in academic subjects needed for the successful completion of high school, and to increase the chances of successfully completing a college degree. Students are also exposed to SAT/ACT preparation, Academic Enrichment and planning, Music Education, Photography, Career Assessment Inventory, Community Service, trips, speakers and career opportunities. 


     As students of the Upward Bound Program you have a high standard of behavior to uphold. It is very important to remember that your actions affect the entire Upward Bound Program. The Upward Bound Program has set forth some general standards.  These standards encompass activities both on and off campus.



     The university has a full-time nurse on staff to treat minor illnesses. However, students who are found to be chronically ill will not be permitted to continue in the summer program.
     Illnesses are to be reported to a UB staff person immediately. No student is allowed to go to the infirmary unaccompanied.
    Due to safety rules and regulations, students who are pregnant or become pregnant during the program will not be permitted to enter or continue in the program.




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