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The Association of Research Directors (ARD), Inc. is the federation of the eighteen (18) autonomous 1890 land grant universities that provides coordination of research initiatives among member 1890 Institutions in cooperation with federal, state and private partners. (Click here to see more about land grant institutions...)


The ARD MISSION - The ARD is integrally involved in creating a society where all people have opportunities for wholesome living and learning through responsible pursuits of their goals and aspirations. To accomplish this, the food and agricultural research mission of the ARD is to:

  • Provide visionary and enlightened leadership to member institutions as they continuously address issues impacting their ability to accomplish the food and agricultural research challenges facing the state, nation and world-at-large.

Primary attention is given to a broad-based research agenda and institutions' capabilities in targeted areas that address the needs of all people in society but in particular, those who are socio-economically deprived.


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Final Report of the 16th Biennial Research Symposium (2011) 


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