• offer students "cashless convenience".
  • are card-operated laundry facilities located within each residential area on campus.
  • Once money is placed on the HAWK EXPRESS CARD, it can be utilized to wash and dry clothing.
  • Prior to utilizing the HAWKMATS, the HAWK EXPRESS CARD the  (small stripe on back of thecard) is encoded with a site code.
  • Funds can be added at any HAWK CASH CENTER or Vending Machine  located throughout the campus.


  1. Select the washer(s) and/or dryer(s) you are planning to use. It is important to know the number(s) of the washer(s) and/or dryer(s) you have selected.

  2. Once you have selected your washer(s) or dryer(s), go to the LCU.

  3. Insert your HAWK EXPRESS CARD with the picture facing upward. The small stripe on the back of the card   should be on the right hand side.

  4. Press the number of the washer or dryer you have selected and press the start button. The LCU will automatically deduct the cost.

  5. If you have another load, repeat step #4. If you do not have another load, press end twice to return your card.

  6. Do not forget to remove your HAWK EXPRESS CARD.

2003 University of Maryland Eastern Shore
Student Services Center, Princess Anne, MD 21853   
 (410) 651 - 7747

Hours of Operation
Varies based on location

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