• HAWK Vending Account is a declining balance account available to the UMES community. 

  • Value can be added at any one of our HAWK CASH CENTERS or selected vending machines. 

  • Value CANNOT be added to your vending  stripe by Students Accounts or the HAWK CENTER.                                                                                                sfsfsdfffffffffffffffffffff

  • The HAWK VENDING Account can be used for laundering, library copying and in vending machines.

  • The  maximum deposit is $50.00.

  • In the case of a lost card or in some situations a damaged card, any value  which is on the Vending Account will be lost.                               f      gdfgdfgdgdgdgdfgdgdfgdfgd

  • The University cannot verify the account history on this magnetic stripe and will not be held responsible for any losses.

  • It is recommended that only a small amount be kept on this account at any given time.

  • You can keep your funds secure in your HAWK EXPRESS Account and transfer value to the Vending Account at  any HAWK CASH CENTER when needed.

  • Auxiliary Enterprises is not responsible for any funds transferred to this section of the card.

                          Adding funds to the Vend Stripe Account

To add funds to your Vending account, you can simply use the HAWK CASH CENTERS. Remember,  you must never swipe your card on the machine. This feature can only be done by inserting your card into the machine.

To add funds to your Vending Account with cash:

    1. Select  "add to card"  option.

    2. Select  "with cash" option.

    3. Insert card into card reader with picturing face up and small stripe to the right.

    4. Insert cash into bill acceptor.

    5. Press "YES" for receipt.



To add funds to your Vending Account from your HAWK EXPRESS Account:


  1.  Select  "add to card" option.

  2.  Select  "from account" option.

  3.  Swipe large magnetic stripe (facing arrow) through reader.

  4.  Insert card into card reader with picturing face up and small stripe to the right.

  5.  Insert cash into bill acceptor.

  6.  Press "YES" for receipt.



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