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    Educational Leadership Program

    Hosted at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, the Education Leadership Doctorate (EDLD) will be a Cohort, weekend, mid-career, program designed to embrace the emerging needs of the Eastern Shore Community. The EDLD program could lead to Maryland Administrative II Certification and is designed as a terminal degree. 

    • Sensitive to the diverse needs and diverse peoples who attend our schools and who will seek to provide an equal and quality education for all children,  
    • Instructional leaders able to build an effective team-oriented approach to teaching and learning in order to maximize the academic achievements of all students,  
    • Scholar practitioners with reflective, problem solving habits who are able to design, consume, critique and implement research relevant to effective practice and  
    • Adaptable to changing environments and problems, solve new problems, and develop adaptive learning environments.  

    In Maryland, the need for education leaders with training at the doctoral level has been cited as a statewide need. Personnel needs in this area parallel the projected shortage of teachers, both being impacted by the growing school-aged population and projected retirements. Over the next five years, nearly 75% of Maryland’s current school administrators will become eligible for retirement.

    Beginning with the new 2010-2011 cohort, UMES will be seeking national accreditation (NCATE) for the EDLD Program. In addition, the program has been aligned with the standards of the Educational Leadership Constituent Consortium (ELCC), the Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium (ISLLC), the Maryland Instructional Leadership Framework (MILF and the Unit standards.. The intent of this redesign is also to seek eligibility for state licensure as an Administrator-II for doctoral candidates, after successful completion of this program.