• Congratulations Dr. Wang!

    Dr. Bi-dar Peter Wang

    Dr. Peter Wang recently had a manuscript accepted for publication in Nature Communications.  The title of the manuscript is “Alternative Splicing Promotes Tumor Aggressiveness and Drug Resistance in African American Prostate Cancer.”  

    Also, Dr. Wang, along with faculty at The George Washington University, received a patent for their research in prostate cancer.  Their invention relates to novel splicing variants of a number of genes associated with prostate cancer risk and survival, and also the risk assessment, detection, diagnosis, or prognosis of prostate cancer.  The research for their invention was supported in part by the American Cancer Society.

    Dr. Adel Karara Keynote Speaker

    Dr. Adel Karara

    Dr. Adel Karara, Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences was the keynote speaker at Drug Discovery and Development Colloquium on June 15 , 2017.  The yearly event which is sponsored by the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) was held at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences , Little Rock , AR. Dr. Karara’s  presentation was entitled” The Critical Role of Clinical Pharmacology in Drug Development:  A Case Study of Monoclonal Antibody IV to SC switch”