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  • UMES School of Pharmacy's Class of 2018 had the highest first-time pass rate in Maryland

    The UMES School of Pharmacy (SOP) achieved an impressive 96.23% first-time pass rate among our pharmacy graduates taking the 2018 North American Pharmacy Licensure Exam (NAPLEX).  Compared to the 89.46% first-time pass rate national average, the UMES was the highest of the three doctor of pharmacy programs in Maryland and the highest among the seven HBCU pharmacy programs nationwide.

    The NAPLEX measures the pharmacist candidate’s knowledge of the practice of pharmacy.   The NAPLEX is one component of the pharmacist licensing process used by the states as an assessment of a candidate’s competence to practice. The UMES SOP is a 3 year condensed doctoral program in contrast to a 4 year curriculum used in most U.S. pharmacy schools. 


    Class of 2018*

    The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) earlier this month released first-time pass rates for the 2018 North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination (NAPLEX).

      Maryland Schools of Pharmacy                                                                                                                           

    1st-time Pass Rate                                     

      University of Maryland Eastern Shore


      Notre Dame of Maryland University 87.76%
      University of Maryland at Baltimore 87.05%
      HBCU Schools of Pharmacy  
      University of Maryland Eastern Shore 96.23%
      Texas Southern University 88.57%
      Howard University 85.96%
      Florida A&M University 75.00%
      Xavier University of Louisiana 75.00%
      Hampton University 72.75%
      Chicago State University 57.75%
    2018 National average 89.46%

    * UMES graduated its first pharmacy class in 2013.


    Dr. Patrice Jackson-Ayotunde Wins the Prestigious Richard Bernstein Professorship
    Patrice Jackson-Ayotunde Professorship

    Dr. Patrice Jackson-Ayotunde has been selected by an external review committee to serve as the Richard Bernstein Professor for a period of three years.  Dr. Jackson-Ayotunde is an Associate Professor with tenure in the School of Pharmacy.  Over the past ten years, her research has focused on the field of drug design and synthesis of novel chemical entities as potential agents for the treatment of drug-resistant epilepsy.  Her research efforts have led to many peer-reviewed publications, abstracts, invited presentations, and most importantly, a U.S. Patent.  She received the patent last year for her work in the area of enaminone derivatives.  

    Mr. Richard Bernstein established an endowed fund through the University of Maryland Foundation, Inc. to promote excellence at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore.  The endowment is used to provide financial support for initiatives that encourage outstanding performance among students and faculty. One of the initiatives for faculty is the Richard Bernstein Professorship (RBP).  The goal of the RBP is to attract and retain distinguished members of the faculty.  

    Congratulations Dr. Jackson-Ayotunde!!