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Employer Survey


    As an employer, supervisor, or senior clinician who has had the opportunity to work with one of our graduates, please respond to the questions below.  Also, you have the option to remain anonymous (if this option is chosen, please place an “X” in the required field).  Thank you for your assistance in the evaluation of the UMES DPT program.

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    Professional Practice Expectation: Accountability
    The program graduate:
    1. Adheres to legal practice standards, including all federal, state, and institutional regulations related to patient/client care and fiscal management.

    2. Has a fiduciary responsibility for all patient/clients.

    3. Practices in a manner consistent with the professional Code of Ethics.

    4. Changes behavior in response to understanding the consequences (positive and negative) of his or her actions.

    Professional Practice Expectation: Altruism
    The program graduate:
    5. Places patient’s/client’s needs above the physical therapist’s needs.

    Professional Practice Expectation: Compassion/Caring
    The program graduate:
    6. Exhibits caring, compassion, and empathy in providing services to patients/clients.

    7. Promotes active involvement of the patient/client in his or her care.

    Professional Practice Expectation: Integrity
    The program graduate:
    8. Demonstrates integrity in all interactions with patients/clients, family members, caregivers, other health care providers, students, other consumers, and payers.

    Professional Practice Expectation: Professional Duty
    The program graduate:
    9. Demonstrates professional behavior in all interactions with patients/clients, family members, caregivers, other health care providers, students, other consumers, and payers.

    10. Effectively deals with positive and negative outcomes resulting from assessment activities.

    11. Participates in clinical education of students.

    12. Participates in professional organizations.

    Professional Practice Expectation: Communication
    The program graduate:
    13. Expressively and receptively communicates in a culturally competent manner with patients/clients, family members, caregivers, practitioners, interdisciplinary team members, consumers, payers, and policymakers.

    Professional Practice Expectation: Cultural Competence
    The program graduate:
    14. Identifies, respects, and acts with consideration for patients’/clients’ differences, values, preferences, and expressed needs in all professional activities.

    Professional Practice Expectation: Clinical Reasoning
    The program graduate:
    15. Uses clinical judgment and reflection to identify, monitor, and enhance clinical reasoning to minimize errors and enhance patient/client outcomes.

    16. Consistently applies current knowledge, theory, and professional judgment while considering the patient/client perspective in patient/client management.

    Professional Practice Expectation: Evidence-based Practice
    The program graduate:
    17. Consistently uses information technology to access sources of information to support clinical decisions.

    18. Consistently integrates the best evidence for practice from sources of information with clinical judgment and patient/client values to determine the best care for a patient/client.

    Professional Practice Expectation: Education
    The program graduate:
    19. Effectively educate others using culturally appropriate teaching methods that are commensurate with the needs of the learner.

    Patient/Client Management Expectation: Screening
    The program graduate:
    20. Determines when patients/clients need further examination or consultation by a physical therapist or referral to another health care professional.

    Patient/Client Management Expectation: Examination
    The program graduate:
    21. Examines patients/clients by obtaining a history and performing a systems review.

    22. Examines patients/clients by obtaining a history and performing a systems review.Examine patients/clients by selecting and administering culturally appropriate and age-related tests and measures. Tests and measures include, but are not limited to, those that assess:

    Patient/Client Management Expectation: Evaluation
    The program graduate:
    23. Evaluates data from the examination (history, systems review, and tests and measures) to make clinical judgments regarding patients/clients.

    Patient/Client Management Expectation: Diagnosis
    The program graduate:
    24. Determines a diagnosis that guides future patient/client management.

    Patient/Client Management Expectation: Prognosis
    The program graduate:
    25. Determines patient/client prognoses.

    Patient/Client Management Expectation: Plan of Care
    The program graduate:
    26. Establishes and delivers a physical therapy plan of care that is safe, effective, and patient/client-centered.

    27. Determines patient/client goals and outcomes within available resources and specify expected length of time to achieve the goals and outcomes.

    Patient/Client Management Expectation: Intervention
    The program graduate:
    28. Determines those components of interventions that may be directed to the physical therapist assistant (PTA) upon consideration of: (1) the needs of the patient/client, (2) the PTA’s ability, (3) jurisdictional law, (4) practice guidelines/policies/codes of ethics, and (5) facility policies.

    29. Completes documents that follows professional guidelines, guidelines required by health care systems, and guidelines required by the setting.

    30. Responds effectively to patient/client and environmental emergencies in one’s practice setting.

    Patient/Client Management Expectation: Outcomes Assessment
    The program graduate:
    31. Analyzes results arising from patient outcome measures

    Practice Management Expectation: Prevention, Health Promotion, Fitness, and Wellness
    The program graduate:
    32. Provides culturally competent physical therapy services for prevention, health promotion, fitness, and wellness to individuals and communities.

    Additional Comments (if any):