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Department of Natural Sciences

  • The Department of Natural Sciences (DNS) graduates students who are well versed in their areas of interest within the sciences. Robust undergraduate offerings span five academic areas: biochemistry, biology, chemistry, environmental sciences, and physics. In addition, the department is home to graduate programs in chemistry; marine, estuarine, and environmental sciences; and toxicology. State-of-the-art research and educational opportunities are available to all hardworking and focused students. A diverse group of qualified professors and researchers employ both fundamental and advanced modern lab equipment in each academic area to provide a stimulating academic and social experience.

    Upon graduation, natural sciences students are prepared for careers in scientific and medical laboratories, industrial quality control, scientific and technical sales, scientific and technical support, conservation, forensic science laboratories, public service and regulatory positions, secondary teaching, and government positions.

    Natural Sciences students are prepared for further study in: biochemistry; biology; chemistry; environmental sciences; forensic sciences; medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, physician assistant, and other allied health fields; toxicology, law, and business.