About the Profession

  • Pharmacy is a very exciting, rewarding, and fast growing career. Pharmacists are licensed healthcare professionals who practice in primary, ambulatory, emergency, inpatient, outpatient, and long-term care settings. There are also other exciting opportunities available in community pharmacy, hospital/health system pharmacy, consultant pharmacy, pharmaceutical sales and marketing, drug research and development, managed care pharmacy, academia, mail service pharmacy, specialty care pharmacy, and government agencies. Pharmacists deliver healthcare services to diverse patient populations with acute and chronic medical and surgical conditions. A pharmacist has the professional knowledge and skills to perform at a high level of competency in providing health promotion, patient-centered care, and medication management in community and institutional settings. Pharmacists are consistently ranked as one of the most highly trusted professionals because of the care and service they provide. The profession will challenge you by requiring the ability to communicate effectively and to multitask with a high caliber of accuracy. Additionally, the profession offers above average financial and personal rewards.

    The American Association of the Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) has a web page that provides a listing of resources for current and prospective pharmacy students. Included on this web page, is the section entitled "Is Pharmacy for You?". Please visit the website for informational resources on the profession of pharmacy, pharmacy education, and career options available to pharmacists.

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