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Non-Resident Permit

    1. The Maryland State Motor Vehicle Administration requires university students who operate a vehicle that is registered in another state, in your name or some one else’s and meet one of the following criteria to obtain a non-resident permit. 

      • Students enrolled in an accredited school, college or university of this state, a bordering state or serving a medical internship in this state, for a period in excess of 30 days.
      • Persons temporarily employed in Maryland, not to exceed 1 year.
      • Members of a Armed Forces of the United States or of the United States Public Health Service and serving on active duty in this state, an adjoining state or the District of Columbia.
      • Persons visiting or vacationing who temporarily maintain or occupy a dwelling in this state not to exceed a period of six (6) months, and maintain a dwelling in another state. 

    2. To obtain a nonresident application (Form VR-111) you may contact University Police at (410) 651-6590 or call M.V.A toll-free at 1-800-950-1682, TDD for the Deaf 1-800-492-4575 or you may visit the local M.V.A office 

    3. The permit fee is $27.00.