New Student Information and Services

  • Important Information and Links for New Graduate Students


    1. Create your UMES Hawk Registration Account:  log onto and follow instructions.  This generates your UMES username, password, and e-mail address.

    1. Contact your Program Advisor to obtain your course listing, and to be made eligible to enroll in classes.
    1. Enroll in classes online: log onto using your UMES username and password (see instructions below on how to enroll in a class).
    1. Complete the Payment Confirmation: once you have enrolled in classes, a bill will be generated.  In order to complete the final stage of the registration, payment or payment arrangements must be confirmed.  Regardless of how your education is being paid for, you must complete this process each semester after enrolling in classes.  Failure to complete this process will result in you being dropped from your classes for non-payment (see instructions below on how to complete the Payment Confirmation).

    1. Obtain a UMES Student Photo ID (HAWKCARD): UMES students should have a UMES photo ID to utilize certain services and resources on campus.  The HAWKCARD office is located in the Student Service Center, Room 1135. Please ensure that you have completed your payment confirmation before arriving at the office. Only new students will be able to get their HAWKCARD with no charge.  Replacement HAWKCARD is $30 and damaged ones are $15 if you have the old card.
    1. Obtain a UMES Parking Permit: UMES students, who park their cars in most parking lots on campus, must have a parking permit.  The Parking Permit office is located in the Student Services Center, Room 2150. Please ensure that you complete the Parking Permit information online prior to reporting.  You will not be able to complete the process without completing the form online. When you go online, if you have previously registered a vehicle you will see your “parking permit record” and will only need to update your personal and vehicle information if needed. You can find the parking permit form on your “My UMES” homepage under the icon to the right of the screen labeled “UMES Parking –Online Parking Requests”, or by going to the website directly at: You will need to show your Vehicle Registration Card and Driver’s License. For questions regarding parking permits, please contact the Parking Coordinator at 410-651-7592.


    My Account
    Online Financial Services
    Service Indicators
    Display Confirmation/Plan
    Manual Payment Info
    Term Confirmation
    2098 Confirmation
    (Please note term)

    STEP 4: Read the message and proceed accordingly, click “ok” to continue.

    STEP 5: View your Payment Confirmation Options

    • If you have enough funds or zero balance Click “ Confirm” to complete process
    • If your financial is not enough or as much as anticipated click “Return to Service Center.”  Scroll down to the “Finances” section and click on to View my Financial Aid. There you can view a breakdown of your financial aid for each semester and the year.

    Financial Aid
    View Financial Aid
    Accept/Decline Awards
    Report Other Financial Aid


    • If you want to make a payment, Click “Make a Payment.”

    Once the payment is made: Return to Step 3 to resume the process.

    • If you want to apply for a payment plan “Click Payment Plan”

    STEP 6: Affix your ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE by Clicking “I Agree” to Register or “I Accept” for the payment plan)

    STEP 7: Print your confirmation receipt or the payment plan schedule.

    STEP 8: If you want to view your account or transfer funds (if available) to your HAWKCARD; under My Account click “Online Financial Services”.

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