Career & Professional Development Center

  • Welcome to the Career & Professional Development Center web-site at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. In keeping with the university’s commitment to provide quality education to individuals who demonstrate the potential to become quality students, the Director oversees an office whose mission is to serve as a very integral component in the student’s academic environment and training. The focus is on the integration of new services that are reflective of the students plans to enter the workforce or academic arena after graduation.  This will begin in their freshmen year, with the specialization of career and professional development support to students, while further enhancing internship and employment opportunities, mentoring and networking programs, experiential learning opportunities and/or graduate professional school exposure.The Career Professionals in the Center assist with the developing, evaluating and implementing of career goals and objectives. The Center recognizes its place as a leading example of excellence by acknowledging the unique needs of University of Maryland Eastern Shore This Center is the linkage between the a global workforce and academic environment.


    Career Services Professionals are available to provide excellent customer service, while maintaining the highest level of professionalism. Their role with students is viewed as a partnership, where Career Professionals listen, guide, and inspire students as they proceed along their respective journeys, and facilitate their entry into the world of work. Every student has unique talents, passions, and goals, and the Career Professional staff are here to help uncover and equip students with the tools and confidence they need to successfully bring their talents to the job market and/or graduate/professional school.   This Center must continue to provide cutting edge career programs and experiences for students to remain competitive in a global workforce. It should be understood that each student’s academic training not only intellectually stimulates them, but also prepares them to be a professional.

    Career related programs/seminars will be held targeting the various majors offered at the University. Further emphasis will be placed on developing connections with employers in various industries, including traditional recruiting efforts, while also exposing students to networking opportunities. Students no longer should look towards only attaining their first job, but also examining life and professional development skills, because of the many career changes they will make throughout life.  The Career and Professional Development Center can help students identify their own range of skills through a strategic plan. All students should leave this University with a strategic plan of action prior to graduation.  Students should not just visit the office when in crisis, professional development must be integrated into each students experience beginning freshmen year until graduation.

    New Career Tools

     Buzz File is the most advanced company information database. Buzz File has mapped dozens of college majors to the specific companies and industries that employ graduates of those majors.  Students can find the companies they are looking for, discover unlisted job opportunities, and enhance their chance of finding their dream job. With Buzz file UMES students can… thousands of companies for each major, while also acquiring their dream job .This data base can be found under  Career Tools-employers by major.


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