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Digital Media Minor

  • Good communication skills are always in demand!

    Students interested in pursuing a career in media can combine a broad array of coursework with academic credits and through internship opportunities to develop hands-on skills and a professional portfolio. 

    In addition, on campus activities with Hawk Radio and/or Discover UMES give students direct experience with state-of-the-art television and radio station equipment without leaving the university campus. 

    Choosing eighteen credits selected from a wide range of options will enable a student to add a Digital Media Minor to their degree.

    TELC 214 Intro to Telecommunications Explore the history of radio and TV

    TELC 236 Interviewing Learn to prepare for and conduct interviews

    TELC 237 Radio Production Practice the art of radio broadcasting

    TELC 238 TV Production Hands-on instruction in TV studio production

    TELC 239 Intro to Broadcast Performance Practice performances for television and radio

    TELC 241 Basic News Writing & Reporting The basics of print and broadcast journalism

    TELC 303 Broadcasting Management Apply management theory to the broadcast industry

    TELC 333 Principles of Photojournalism Understand video field production

    TELC 336 Computer Graphics Computer generated graphic design

    TELC 472 Internship Field placements in a professional environment

    TELC 481 Dramatic Writing for Film and TV Transfer an idea into a visual presentation through the process of script development